A night out || Alex and Kerian

It was a typical boring day for Alex.He had nothing else to do,but to watch all the Mystic Falls drama and tears.Wich was pathetic.Everyone were searching for the stupid cure,and Alex was pretty sure It doesen’t exist.The boy was sitting on the comfortable couch in the living room,watching TV.He was really bored.Alex had spend the whole day eating crappy food and watching Reality Shows.Finally,he decided to take a shower and go out like a normal person.It was Saturday night and staying home was not an option.After a quick shower,Alex dressed up and started thinking where he should go.To a club,or a bar?He wasn’t sure yet.He hrabbed his favorite leather jacket and soon he was locking the front door.It was quiet and dark.Just the way he liked it.The boy started walking slowly down the street,still thinking where to go.Everything was so boring lately.The town and the people.Alex was thinking to move out.Maby another city.While he was walking,he noticed a club.He walked in and walked straight to the bar.”Whiskey,” he order and sat on the chair,taking off his jacket.There was alot of people.It was nice to be around other living creature and not the TV.The bartender came back and placed the drink on the bar.Alex took and sipped.A little smile showed on his face and looked around.