Blue Eyes Can Bite


Unlike Alex, Hayden had yet to discover just what was so odd about the boy in front of her. She was new to the supernatural side of the world, and thus, would have to consult the other members of her pack to reveal what exactly he was. However, she had a bad feeling that her companions would react negatively to his presence once they found out. So, to keep chaos from arising, she then made a promise to herself not to speak of him, at least, not yet. 

“Well, Alex, it seems you have a quite demanding friend.” She grinned, soon laughing along with him. “Yeah, I know the feeling. Some people are just too nice or too crude to hang around. But, I don’t think this place is all that bad. I’ve been in a lot of different schools and towns, and this one has a sort of exciting vibe about it. Plus, I hear there’s some great places to chill in town.” 

“Speaking of-” she cocked one of her eyebrows just slightly above the other, regarding him with a curious but mischievous gaze. “Do you know of anything going on around here in the next couple of days? I’ve heard some gossip here and there, but I prefer having a more.. personal source.” 

Chuckling at what she said, Alex rubbed the back of his head and looked at the girl. “You have no idea. But she’s not so bad as It sounds,” he said and shrugged. Looking around, Alex started thinking about his days in school. It was awful and painful. He was from the kids who were hated and made fun of and now, now he was happy that he didn’t had to deal with people like this anymore. Moving his gaze on his phone, he knew Rebekah was late and he was wondering why. It wasn’t typical for her, but she was probably busy with something.

Raising a brow at the girls question, he tried to remember is there was something, but didn’t hear anything. “No, sorry. I haven’t heard anything, but what did you hear?” He asked her curiously with a little smile on his cold face. “If It’s about mr. Riley, so It’s true. He is definitely sleeping with the gym teacher,” he chuckled and shook his head. 

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Who are you?


Stiles was feeling kinda crazy cuz that creepy but at the same time misterious and beautiful guy was sitting next to him, he was feeling his heart beating really faster, how the hell a guy could make him feeling all of this? in one day? Stiles didn’t even knew who he was. Stiles was looking at him with a lot of attention, he could see his eyes, wow they were so deep stiles almost could lost in them, and he could also see one strange ring he was wearing, it has a really weird symbol. But Stiles was not paying really a lot of attention in the ring, he was more interested in the boy. While he was looking at him, he looks back, Stiles almost fall from the chair, he tries to hide his face by looking away, for the boy don’t realises he was staring at him. 

Stiles was really lost on his own thoughts until he hear the teacher boring voice “Well, open your books on page 102 please!”  He was not really in exercises mood but whatever, he was opening his book until he saw that new guy raising his hand. “I hope he doesn’t have book yet, so i will have to share mine, with him”  Stiles was thinking for himself.  So, Stiles was falling really faster for one person he didn’t even knew yet, this was literally love at the first sign, but how was that possible?? 

That was the most boring class Alex ever had. Just sitting there and pretending to listen the teacher.The whole time he was playing with his phon, going on internet and chatting with his friend Rebekah. It was way more fun than being there. The boy could feel how some guy was staring at him, but he didn’t paid too much attention to it. He couldn’t wait for the class to be over and leave this place. And probably never come back, but he was still not sure about it.Was it worth it pretending to be noramal again? Well, a part of Alex needed this. To act human and hang out with normal people. To feel like a human again actually. That’s what he wanted so badly, but there was a voice inside his head telling him this is never going to happen.

Suddenly, Alex heard the teachers voice, telling the students to open their books on page 102. Alex didn’t had one. Looking over his shoulder, he looked at the male sitting next to him. “Can I read from yours?” He asked and looked at him again, putting his phone into his pocket. It was going to be stupid if he gets detention in his first day at school. The boy was still for the others answer. Now, he was able to see the guy who kept staring at him from the minute he walked in the room.

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+ catothevicious


“Are you on steroids?” he asked a bit awkwardly. “There’s no way a normal person can be that strong.” Cato looked at Alex accusingly. “Or fast… you’re either or on steroids or your some kind of… I don’t know… something not human.”

"No, I’m not on steroids." The boy simply replied and looked at the male. "Ding, ding, ding we have a winner. I’m not a human. I’m strong and fast and more immortal than anything and get into your head and see whatever I want from your life. How many people did you killed?" He asked.

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In the dark || +6


Ryan needed some time to relax. Avery had been in his head, invading his privacy and making snide comments whenever he felt like doing it. There were no boundaries with him and that was intimidating. And after the last full moon, Ryan was just completely exhausted. Way too much energy was spent trying to keep the wolf from coming out as Avery sauntered around town doing whatever he pleased. He wasn’t strong enough; not like Avery who chained the wolf down effortlessly. So, here he was at the lake, music blasting through his headphones to drown out Avery’s voice as he gazed at the motioning ripples of water and tried to just be. He sighed heavily as he ran his hands through his hair roughly, closing his eyes for a moment longer than necessary before continuing to use the sight of the lake to help him temporarily forget.


Just lying there, Alex never felt so good and relaxed. He didn’t had to worry about anything or anyone right now. It was just him. But all of that changed when he sensed something, or someone. Was it a werewolf. Standing up from the ground fas, he closed his eyes and opened them again realising he has to run, but It was too late. The wolf was getting closer and closer. Looking into the water, he quickly stripped off his clothes and left them on the ground quickly getting into the water. He couldn’t risk the wolf seeing him. Was it a full moon? Alex looked up, sighing relieved that It wasn’t. The darkness hiding him, the boy soon saw the male. He wasn’t sure what to do. Alex was able to hear the loud music from his headphones. It was a good thing he was in his human form. Moving, his gaze stopping at the other. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” He asked, his voice soft. 

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In the dark || +6


Derek slowly turned around, everything in his movements screaming lethal precision. He glared at the boy. He was furious because he had trespassed into his territory and had chosen the worst possible time to do so as well. 

“What do I want? You’re the one trespassing. Look I don’t want to fight you, it’s just a really bad time.”


"I’m trespassing? Well, I can’t agree on that one. I know this place long before you and your pack come here, so you’re the one who’s trespassing. Besides, the originals run this town," he looked at him and cocked his head on one side. "It’s not a full moon, so calm down, okay?"

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{ New Followers }


” Well I’m both ” he jocked ” Pleasure ”


"Hm, we’ll see that." Alex said and cocked his head on one side. "What brings you here?"

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“I wasn’t going for charmer but it works.” he said joining in the blushing. “As long as I get to spend time with you and look into your big beautiful eyes. I don’t care what we do.” he told him.


Chuckling, Alex looked at him and smiled. “My eyes are not so beautiful or big. They’re normal and boring,” he smiled and rubbed the back of his head. “You’re so amazing.” Alex said and kissed the others cheek.

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In the dark || +6


I walk in the woods alone. I need to feel alone and free sometime. I need to put a distance between my problem and me. And like I’m a Wolf I can only feel free in the forest. My steps come near a lake and I smile. It’s a beautiful place. But something make me tense a little. It’s a odor. I know it. I know I smeel it before. I follow the wind and I find a young man or a Vampire. I smile a little. “And then we meet again.” I say with a laugh. I turn around to watch at the lake. My hands find their place in my pocket. 


Being hypnotised by the sound of the water, Alex didn’t heard when someone approached him. Opening his eyes, he looked and saw a verry familiar face. “Derek, right?” He asked and gave the werewolf a little smile. Lifting his body from the ground to sit, he rubbed the back of his ehad and looked at the water. “What brings you here?” He asked curiously the male. Maby he needed some time by himself, just like Alex. He didn’t seem to be a bad guy, so the boy was going to behave for now. 

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In the dark || +6


Peeta kept to his own thoughts as he walked, he didn’t even get a chance to hear anyone before he found himself pinned to something. Without looking who it was he began to shout and try to fend off his attacker. But then he recongized the voice and felt the person step back. “Alex?” He frowned and finally the male looked familar. “I’m just on a night walk since I’m locked out of my house. What are YOU doing here?” Peeta glared a little.


Shooking his head, Alex looked at him. He was really close of ripping his head off, but Peeta was lucky. “Yes, It’s me. I was this close to break you something,” he chuckled and cocked his head on one side. “You locked yourself?” Alex giggled and put his hands into his pockets. “Um .. I was enjoying the lake and the sky. I needed some time by myself,” he replied and gave the other a smile. 

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Happy Birthday || + 6


Theo rolled his eyes when the vampire in front of him decided to be sarcastic. Or not, he couldn’t really tell. Lies, he could tell apart, but sarcasm.. Not so much. “Only over a thousand years old?” He teased, smirking afterwards. “How about Elena?”

Looking at the other for a moment, Alex took another sip. “Yep,” he replied and gave the male a little smile. “Hm, It’s her first year as a vampire and I don’t really care, so … I have more important things to deal with than Elena’s vampirism.” Alex said and looked through the window.

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